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Photos of more famous people I have met

Image: sara ferigum

Taken with royal Sarah Ferguson 1998

Image: james

Taken with royal correspondent Jame Whitaker London 1997

Image: duska

The lovely Duchess of Kent London 1997

Image: prince

Prince Charles puts his hand out to shake mine

Image: wopps

Taken with America actress Whoop Goldberg best film Ghost

Image: lise

Taken with America actress Liza Minnelli London 1993

Image: cAGNEY

Taken with America actress Sharon Gless London 1996

Image: linda

Taken with America actreee Linda Gray she was born on september 12 1940 Santa Monica usa and she was Sue Ellen in Dalas

Image: gold

America actress Goldie Hawn London 1995

Image: laanfng

America actress Lauren Bacall in London

Image: laudba

Taken with the daughter of Judy Garland actress Lorna Luff

Image: jess

America actress Jessica Lange London 1994

Image: plamgv g

Taken with America Singer P J Proby in London 1978


Singer Roger McGuinn of the Byrds hits Mr Tambourine 1965, Turn Turn

Image: bbking

Blues man BB King London 1993

Image: beach

Taken with the lead singer of the beach boys London

Image: kefrhmg

The lead singer of the seed pop group from the USA


Soul singer Ben E King hits Stand by me, and War

Image: bobby

Taken with America Singer Bobby Vee hits Run To Him, She's Sorry 1960s

Image: kifjdjs

Taken with the front man of Johnny And The Hurricanes

Image: gkgkht0t

Taken with the lead singer of the swedish rock and roll band the Sputnics 1950s60s

Image: hotmsn

Taken with John Walsh television personality in Americas Most Wanted

Image: fkfkfrf0geryg0

Taken with  Ivana Trump London

Image: skghsb

Taken with Singer Susan Maughan hits Bobby'S girl, and Make Him Mine 1962

Image: dlgprlgt

Taken with the original drummer of the Tornados Clem Cattini London 2010

Image: kftrtoprwkhwrkh

America actress Kathleen Turner in London

Image: ke4otkqygokw54

Taken with German actress Noria Bailden London

Image: sjakdv

Sharon Gless holding one of my Elvis Presley dolls 2012

Image: ,dr;lgaz,rhlfh

Taken with jazzman Kyle Eastwood son of Clint Eastwood Cork City Ireland

Image: dvzcmbzklbmfgm

Taken with top jazzman

Image: cmf,glrgtr

Taken with Welsh news reader Huw Edwards at Philip Madocs Memorial

Image: amdl;kmfcg;lh

Taken with Welsh actress Ruth Madoc at Philip Madocs memorial London 2012


Taken with actor Jimmy Perry of dads army London

Image: mslkmftg;lnjmhg

Taken with  broadcaster Paul Gambaccini

Image: mdklfkgh/gb

Taken with American actress Tyne Daly of Cagney and Lacey, London

Image: a;plgdgp'[hmlhj

Taken with Jewish man Jackie Mason from New York London

Image: a,lfghlgcxf

Taken with singer Tony Christie hits the way to Amarillo London 2012


Taken with bass player of the Jam Bruse Foxton 2010

Image: mdkhlkaw[pdle

Taken with rock and roll singer queen of rockabilly Wanna Jackson hits Hard Headed Woman, Right or Wrong 1950s star a friend of Elvis Presley

Image: robert

Taken with bbc london presenter Robert Elms London 2007

Image: mertyhg

Taken with one of hollywood greats Ernest Borgnine well know for his western films from 1940s 50s 60s London 2010

Image: kghlkdxz\

Actress Emma Thompson smiles for me London

Image: myhgflds

Taken with actor Nigel Havers know for his bafta London 2011

Image: dovbbmsfkpoghnb

Taken with MP Diane Abbott London

Image: ,lhgfds

Clint Eastwood signing a picture for me London 2010

Image: mdertyj

Taken with human rights commissioner Trevor Phillips  London

Image: sdfghjk

Taken with hollywood actress Shirley Jones best films were Oklahoma and Carousel and the Partridge Famly this photo was taken in Liverpool


Taken with Elvis Presley right hand man Joe Esposito he also found Elvis dead this photo was taken in Memphis USA 2007


Taken with members of the Rockets rock and roll group from Memphis

Image: asdcfvgbn

Taken with chief of ploice of Memphis USA


This is Elvis Presley nurse Marian J Cocke she looked after Elvis right up until the day he died this photo was taken in Memphis USA

Image: mgfdlska\

Taken with James Burton in Memphis USA 2007

Image: kjnhbgvf

This is the scalf elvis gave to me in 1976 this photo was taken outside his house 2007 it was picture with fans from all over the world with his make up still on it a big moment

Image: xdcfvb nm

Taken with Memphis top rock and roll dj 2007

Image: oikjhf

Taken with one of Americas great singers PJ Proby hits Hold Me, Love Me this photo was taken in Carnaby Street London 2007

Image: iuytgfrds

Taken with the drummer of the Small Faces Kenny Jones later on he became the drummer with the Who 2007

Image: kjhgfd

Taken with one of the first Small Faces member Jimmy Winton 2007 Carnby Street London 2007

Image: xcv b

Taken with the man who dressed Elvis Presley, Bernard Lansky, sadly he died on November 12 2012 this photo was taken in Memphis USA

Image: Sister of Jimi Hendrix

Sister of Jimi Hendrix


Taken With Beatle John Lennon. This Photo was In a London paper. It was at the Lyceum London December 15th 1969 Concert for Africa. John sang one song, Cold Turkey and Yoko sang Don't Worry

Image: sksdpfr

Taken with soul singer eddie floyd from the 1960s hit records knock on wood and things are getting better this photo was taken in london 2003


Taken with chief Rabbi of the british orthodox jews 2003


Taken with John Mayall born in Macclesfield one of the best blues man in the world and touring still to this day age 79


Taken with rock and roll man from the 1950s Freddy Cannon born massachusetts usa this was taken at a party in london his big hit was way down yonder in new orleans 2004


Taken with Priscilla Presley wive of the late Elvis Presley taken in London 2005


Taken with rock and roll singer Tommy Steel born in Bermondsey London december 1936 the best records rock with the cavemen and little white bull from the late 1950s this photo was taken in Richmond Surry 1978


Taken with Irish A merica Brian Dennehy born july 9 1938 his best film was first blood with actor Syvester Stallone this photo was taken in London 2004


Taken with Mick Taylor of the rolling stones this photo was taken in St Albans 2002 Mick left the rolling stones and Ronnie Wood came in


Paul is sing my book at waterstone book shop in london 2006


Taken with the late Jet Harris first bass player of the shadows Jet was born in Kingsbury in London july 6 1939 this photo was taken in London 1997


Taken with singer Eden Kane best know for his record boys crying in 1964 born in india march 29 1941 he signed the photo in St Albans 20011


Taken with rock and roll singer Marty Wilde Marty was born in Blackheath south london 15 April 1939 this photo was singed by marty to dj alan best records donna teanger in love he appeared in 6.5 special


Taken with the best beat group the Movement this photo was taken in 1967 in   Cork City ireland the movement were a Dublin beat group started 1966 there first record was tell her i became good friends with the group there were one of the nices of them all and very kind never forget still miss them one of the very best from your friend alan


Taken with Tom McGuinnes of Manfred Man born in Wimbledon london december 1941 this was taken in liverpool 2000


Taken with Eric Clapton in Surrey 1978 this photo was taken at his house


Taken with Paul Jones lead singer with manfred man at the horn St Alban paul was born in porsmouth in feb 24 1942 hits were sha la la and if you gotta go hight time and bad boy all good records from the 1960s this photo was signed by paul 20011


Taken with dracula man Christopher Lee at the london film set 1997


Taken with the worlds top footballer George Best and top sixties man for his dress number one mod this photo was taken in a london pub george was world class and a lovely man top marks


Taken with one the the best song writers in the world Mike Stoller he and Jerry Leiber wrote jail house rock up on the roof and girls girls girls and many more this photo was at a party and was taken in london 2005


Taken with Roger Moore the best James Bond man taken in mount st London 200011


Peter Green signing my red guitar wish is sign by a lot of people from the beatles down 1999


taken outside the new carven in liverpool with one of the merseybeats holding one of the first posters of the beatles 1984


Taken with one of uk best rock and roller Cliff Richards he never seen elvis and would have loved it but i did ha ha Cliff first hit was move it and still going strong his real name is harry web born in india on nov 2 1940 then moved to hertfordshire england


Taken inside the abbey road studios with all the beatles crew and Geoge Martin this photo was taken in 1995 in london


Taken with actor  David Suchet born in london on 2 may 1946 his brother is John Suchet the itv news reader the photo was taken in london 2006


This photo is of George Harrison on drums is Ringo Starr it was takenat the royal albert hall london 1992


Taken with the lead singer Kenny Pickett of the creation beat group this photo was taken in kentish town in london the creation came out in 1966 best records were making time and paint a man sadly kenny died in january 1997and was born in Ware Hertfordshire england RIP


Taken with actor Ian Ogilvy best know for the film the sorcerers it was released in 1967 ian was born in Woking Surrey also know for the return of the saint from 1978 to 1979 this photo was taken in the west end london and sign by ian


Taken with Sebastian Coe top sportman of the uk born in Chiswick west london in 1956 this photo was taken in london 2005


Taken with Frank Allen of the Searchers pop from Liverpool born in Hayes middlesex on december 14 1943 and today he is still pl;aying this photo was taken in St Albans 2004


Taken with the lead singer of the Searchers pop group from liverpool hits were sweet for my sweet  suger and spice his is John McNally and still playing today this photo was taken in St Albans 2005


Taken with Gerry Marsden from the Pacemakers the group come from liverpool big hit in the usa and the uk i like it and how do you do 1963

this phoer


Taken with Damien Hirst one of the worlds top artist it was taken at one of his art exhibition in london 20010 Damien was born in Bristol but grew in Leeds he was born on 7 june 1965 a very kind man top marks


Taken with guitarist Albert Lee born in herefordshire 21 dec 1943


Taken with news reader Alastair Stewart he was born in farnborough in Hamshire on june 22 1952 he still reads the news


Taken with the lovely Susannah York born in chelsea london on the 9 jan 1939 film she was in the killing of sister george made in 1968 and jane eyre and tunes of glory susannah died 15 jan 20011 sadly missed by all her fans   RIP


Taken with actor Albert Finney best know for the christmas carrol  scrooge


Taken with the lead singer of the Swing blue jeans Ray Ennis born in Huyton Liverpool 26 may 1940 big hits hippy hippy shakes and your no good


Taken with lead singer Mike Pender of the searchers born in Kirkdale liverpool born on march 3 1942 bigest hit needles and pins 1963


this photo is top actress Raquel Welch taken in london at a book signing 1984


Taken with a truely  lovely man Nicholas Parsons he was born in Grantham on 10 oct 1923 top tv show sale of the century


Taken with dj anne nightgale anne worked as a brodcaster for radio i and tv top show was the old grey whistle test born 1 april 1940


Taken with Peter Green the band he was in was fleetwood mac Peter was born in Bethnal green londons East end on 29 oct 1946


Take with the lead singer of the who pop group Roger Daltrey born Roger Harry Daltrey on March i 1944 Hammersmith London hits the kids are alright and my generation 1965


yes this is the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr he is having a pop at me about something i said on tv about who was the best drummer well i can say one thing Ringo is good and so was pete but felt sorry for pete the way he was kicked out and the Beatles never talked to him again so sad


Taken withBill Harry a close friend of the late John Lennon Bill was the creator of mersey beat in the 1960s bill was born on september 17 1938 in Liverpool


This photo was taken in cambrige England its a photo of Bill Wayman and Jack Bruce of the cream from the 1960s


this is one of the last photos of George Hrrison is was going into court in the strand London 1997


Taken with Ravi Shankar one of the worlds best sitar players he was born in india on 7 april 1920 he was good friends of beatle George Harrison he died 20012 in the usa


again this is beatle Pete Best with this red guitar its sign by a lot of famous people sign by pete topman


This photo of the late Elvis Presley the photo was taken in Buffalo new york on june 25 Elvis did not look well i was watching him back stage but he did a great show this photo was taken by a friend I WAS with and he gave me a copy Elvis did closed after this photo was taken so sad RIP


Taken with Saron Davies top swimer she was born in Plymouth in Devon England 1 nov 1962 she is now retired


Taken with Scotish comedian Billy Connolly he was born in Andersston Glasgow Billy famly are of irish desent some of his famly are still living in ireland


Taken with Paul Davies is an award winning corespondent for itv news this photo was taken at dusty springfield funeral at st marys henley 1999


This photo is of Eric Claoton walking around in London


Taken with actress Helen Worth from coronaion st its an English tv show


Taken with germay actress slands hgight in London 1998


This is actress Joanna Lumley smileing for me Joanna was born on may 1946 Srinagar she is well know for the new avengers and trial of the pink panther and the wolf og wall street


Taken with Michael Portillo is a British journalist and was a member of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s Michael was born in Bushey hearts 26 may 1953and to day has his own radio and tv show


Taken with Duncan Goodhew is a top british swimer he was born 27 of may in Marylebone London 1957


Taken with Jo Brand Jo was born on 23 july 1957 jo is a stand up comedienne and is always on tv


Yes this is PJ Proby the usa singer this photo was taken in London 1978back stage at the elvis show P J Was Elvis in the show PJ was born Jame Marcus Smith on nov 6 1938 in Houston Texas usa he recorded a beatles record that means a lot PJ Is one of the best singers around


This a photo of Elvis Presley boarding his plane in Memphis this was taken by a friend of mine i did not take this picture 1975


This Is my very first photo of the stars its the Rolling Stones in Cork City on jan 8 1965 its not very clear but its my first


Taken with it girl Tara Palmer Tomkinson she was born on 23 dec 1971 she also worked for the Rothschilds bank in the city of london


Taken with funny man Russ Abbot  he was born on 18 sep 1947 in chester england he had his own show the Russ Abbot show  he had a pop group called the black abbots he was the drummer in the mid sixties


This is the lead of the Troogs his name is Reg Presley the Troogs were formed in 1964 and were signed by Larry Page manager by the kinks good records were wild thing and with a girl like you and iam on fire the best record that i liked very much was from home the b side of wild thing he died on feb 4 20013 in andover in hampshire england i did go to the funeral it was a sad time for all he was one of the nices i have ever meet RIP


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